"The M.R.A. had made a decision that would revolutionize MotorStorm, as they had decided to reach out to the organizers of the notoriously awesome King of the Hammers off-road championship. This Collaboration would take the 'Stormers and the drivers of the KOH to three very familiar venues of MotorStorm and the KOH, which are Johnson Valley, California, Buggy Beach, and of course, the ever famous Monument Valley! Buckle up, as the off road pros will clash against our favorite renegades in the showdown of the century!"

MotorStorm: King of the of Hammers is a fanonical spin-off game co-created by The Cherrybomber and JustAlex93.

As the three festivals have taken place, Capstan, the GRTA, Jester, Wombat, and Fallen Tires have funded the event, to allow more factory-based vehicles to participate. The game brings plenty of new vehicles and classes, as well as the Free Roam and On-Foot Modes from Outback Outrage, Nevada Nitro, and Return to the Wild.

Also returning are the RC cars from MotorStorm RC, allowing the player to both drive 1:1 scale cars, and 1:18 scale RC cars, with an event that allows the RC cars to race against the 1:1 scale cars.

Vehicle Classes Edit

 Puny Edit

Small Edit

Medium Edit

Bruiser Edit

  • Muscle Runners
  • Racing Trucks

Heavy Edit

Massive Edit

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