The Mirage 104 Rallye is a fanonical Rally Car created by JustAlex93.



It is a variant of the 104 SuperMini that is developed by Mirage's motorsports division as a cheaper alternative to WRC cars with significantly lower running costs. It was designed for use in rallying, rally cross, circuit racing and ice racing events, with the possibility of a one-make race series.

The chassis is based on a steel safety cage with carbon paneling on the front and rear with a steel-covered cockpit area. The 104 Rallye also features double wishbone suspension with dampers, a naturally-aspirated, 2.5L Inline-4 racing engine producing 350 bhp, and a six-speed gearbox (manual or semi-automatic) and mechanical front and rear diffs with the option of a mechanical or active central differential. The car was produced in both RWD and AWD formats.


  • The 104 Rallye is inspired by the McRae R4 rally car, right down to its technical features.
    • The aesthetics, however, are changed, such as the grille of the Ford Ka RX, widened wheel arches, headlights like the ones on the Fiat Grande Punto S2000, and tail lights similar to those of the Nissan Skyline GT-R.
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