"While they aren't the quickest off the line, nor the fastest vehicles; Low Riders are your go-to if you're trying to cruise the Boulevard in the name of street coolness. Heavier than a hearse full of anvils and pimped out to the nth degree, these bad boys are able to duke it out with the heaviest of vehicles. Just don't mess with the Monster Trucks, as they eat Low Riders for breakfast."

Lowriders are a fanonical vehicle class created by The Cherrybomber for MotorStorm: Return to the Wild.

They are essentially full sized American Sedans, Utes, and Lead Sleds that are essentially slammed. Their vehicular combat prowess matches that of Mud Pluggers, with the ability to use hydraulics to raise the vehicle's ride height at the cost of a higher centrifugal force. They are capable of even causing certain types of big rigs to roll over, granted the driver throws the car's full weight in corners. This comes at having nearly minimal acceleration and a low top speed. The Castro Toro is reclassified as a Lowrider in Return to the Wild.

The Lowriders are unlocked once The Highway of Ethereality has been unlocked, which is also when the civilized side of Pandrosia is unlocked, which would be when the player has reached rank 7 in the festival, or 50% completion.

Class StatsEdit

Favors: Flat ground, Asphalt.

Special Characteristics: Heaviest asphalt based class, Can use hydraulics

  • Terrain Handling: 3/10
  • Damage Dealing: 6/10
  • Toughness: 7/10
  • Speed: 5/10
  • Acceleration: 3/10
  • Boost: 8/10
  • Maneuverability: 2/10
  • Traction: 3/10
  • Powertrain: 7.3L Supercharged V8, produces 350 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque.
  • Drivetrain: Rear wheel drive with open differential


Trivia Edit

  • Lowriders are generally not meant for winning races by sheer skill, but more like using their weight to throw the other classes around, definitively making them one of the only combat based asphalt classes.
  • It is theoretically possible to force the monster trucks to roll with lowriders, granted the driver uses the hydraulics to make the car jump and T-bone the monster truck onto its side in a crossover, or by simply driving underneath the monster truck's wheels and forcing it to spin out with a properly timed ram. However, both of these maneuvers are highly daunting and difficult to pull off, and most of the time will yield half-assed results.
  • Despite lowriders' durability and ability to PIT maneuver almost any vehicle, the only classes they are unable to perform this maneuver on are the Silhouettes and Buggies.
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