Craig "Lord Xylem" Stanger always dreamed of being known the way Kurt Kobain wanted to be known as a bassist, in the sense he never truly wanted to be famous. One day, he had realized the fame was getting to his head. He decided to tear it all down by sparking an outrage by trolling a famous social media personality. This caused both himself and Piper McGoth to be chased out of Hollywood after they had both sparked outrages on their respective social media accounts. They eventually came to 'Drosia to become members of the Phantromedas. Rumor has it is that he named himself Lord Xylem because he favors the Xylem series of performance cars.

"They say it's all about to end huh? Let's do this." - Lord Xylem

Lord Xylem is a male 'Stormer appearing in MotorStorm: Return to the Wild, he is yet another member of the Phantromedas, who is an advocate for the 'Stormers.

Usually around the Festival Site, he's seen lifting weights with The Legend, Sarge and Dylan Blaze. Though he is also commonly seen smoking pot with Twizted Black Cap and Tracey Prescott.

When it comes to taking the 'Stormers on hikes, usually he's the one handling the 'shrooms, and he openly grows them back at the sacred grounds.

MotorStorm: Return to the WildEdit

He can be interacted with at the Festival Site when you're in On-Foot Mode.


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Vehicles Edit

  • Tenrai Xylem V
  • Tenrai Xylem LM
  • Tenrai Xylem VII
  • Tenrai Xylem I
  • Tenrai Xylem HF Super Aerosolomie
  • Tenrai Xylem Aero-C Turbo
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