The Gyoza Colta is a fanonical Prototype created by The Cherrybomber.

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With the lack of success Gyoza was having in IMSA GTP and Group C, the people at the Gyoza Race Tuning Association, or GRTA, Gyoza
Gyoza Colta
created the Colta. It debuted at the 1989 Suzuka 1000km, and unfortunately did not finish due to transmission problems. With the sheer lack of success achieved with the Colta, the GRTA eventually modified the car to LeMans specs, finishing last place in the prototype class at the 24 Hours of LeMans in 1990. The car was known to be highly unstable when leaving low speed turns, as well as having a short wheelbase. Still, it was a quick car off the line and generally everywhere on the track. Being powered by a 3.2L Twin Turbo V8 gives it a hefty 800 brake horsepower that produced gobs of torque.

However, the car was improved in 1991, by lengthening the wheelbase, modifying the aero kit and scrapping the unreliable V8 with a bi turbo 4.2L V6, where it raced against Compresseur's CX500, Mirage's LX7, There was much to be gained, despite Mirage's LX7 winning, the Colta managed to come behind it, being behind by ten seconds.

In 1992, it faced off against the Mirage LX7 again, this time with a secret weapon, one of the best drivers in the world, whose name was Sterling Barrera, The Colta with a longer wheelbase, a more reliable engine and transmission was able to absolutely humiliate Mirage's LX7, coming in first about seventeen seconds ahead of the LX7.

In 1994, it raced in the 24 Hours of Daytona against Tenrai's 94RT, Mirage's LX7. The Tenrai didn't prove to be much of a threat compared to the LX7, which had the same disgruntled driver from the 1991 and 1992 24 Hours of LeMans looking to avenge their loss, the Colta and the LX7 both fought in a glorious grudge match for 24 straight hours with Kompresseur's CX500 and Monarch's Chancellor occasionally chiming in and overtaking them, as well as the GT traffic holding them back. However, the Colta came victorious once again, as the LX7 was struggling for unknown reasons towards the end of the 24 hours.

Several months later, the Colta was entered in round one of the Japanese Grand Touring Championship in the GT1 Category, against a Wulff GT1-680C, four Tenrai Xylem Vs, and even a Group 5 Wulff ASSC Turbo. Due to the Xylems being much more reliable cars, the Colta was unable to maintain first place in most of the races, despite finishing first in two out of the seven races in the round. In the race, the V6 was replaced by the V8 and detuned to 500 horsepower to ensure fair competitiveness among other cars.

In 1995, the Chassis' 3.2L V8 was extensively overhauled and modified to be more reliable, at the cost of a dog cut 5 speed manual transmission, where it entered the 1995 24 Hours of LeMans, with a Gyoza Zuko LM, and once again against the Mirage LX7 and the brand new Mirage Sterling GT. The LX7 this time didn't prove to be too much of a threat compared to the Sterling GTs, as they were newer and more reliable as well as being generally faster cars. However, the Colta managed to still fend off the Sterling GTs, finishing a respecable 5th place, four positions ahead of the Mirage LX7. After all of this racing, the Colta was retired to Gyoza's vault in Nagoya, Japan.

Trivia Edit

  • The car itself is generally inspired by the Minolta Toyota 88C-V, but the tail lights take inspiration from the McLaren F1 GTR.


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