Final Drive is a fanonical TV show created by The Cherrybomber.

It is a British motoring TV programme hosted by three English petrolheads with an enthusiasm and know-how in all things cars, as well as being of comedic value.

Their hosts all show a common interest in the MotorStorm Festival, being curious to reach out to Mash and the M.R.A. in having some challenges set up there for the 'Stormers to take on for those watching the show, while also having a common hatred for Gretchen Falkenberg.

During the Festival held in Fendrana, the show had a special episode that was four hours long, which revolved around the MotorStorm Festival, where the three petrol heads had an interview with Mash, Ms. Austin and several other characters in and around the Festival. As promised, they had a few challenges held at the Festival for the 'Stormers to take on for the entertainment of those watching the episode. One of the three petrolheads openly mocked Gretchen Falkenberg to her face on national television, but surprisingly their ratings went up, seeing most of Final Drive's audience happens to despise the little rich brat, as she tries to kill the motoring world. Also during that episode, those watching at home were treated to the history of the Festival, featuring clips from Cutter's film about the 2011 Festival.


  • It is inspired by Top Gear.
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