The Falfer Dominatrix is a fanonical Mud Plugger appearing in MotorStorm: Return to the Wild, MotorStorm: King of the Hammers, MotorStorm: Untamed Tundra, MotorStorm: Transylvania Unleashed, and MotorStorm: Off The Grid, created by The Cherrybomber

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Known around the globe for being the best kit car manufacturer, rivalled by only Bluebird, Falfer wanted to create a whole new level of unique engineering. The design team at Falfer essentially took a Domino coupe's body shell, and mounted it onto the chassis of a mud plugger. It was not easy for the design team at Falfer to do so, as there had to be many heavy modifications and tinkering around to the chassis to be able to fit the Domino body on, including removing the hood cowl, and fitting a massive blower hooked to a Cretin supercharger. After the Dominatrix was finished being designed, the model was made available to be ordered fully constructed or in separate pieces in a D.I.Y. fashion on Falfer's website. Many accessories can be purchased to be able to customize one's Dominatrix, such as a front mounted winch, roof mounted spotlights, or even a front grille.

When it came to powertrain, a blown 10.2L V8 crate motor sourced directly from Patriot was installed, which allowed the Dominatrix to produce a hefty 430 brake horsepower, with a zero to sixty time of less than four seconds (on rough terrains) and was easily able to out-accelerate and out turn a rally car. Despite this, the dominatrix was quite sluggish on tarmac, to the point where it would take fifteen seconds to reach its top speed, and had a horrible turning radius due to its permanently locked differential.

However, because of emissions regulations, anyone who were to purchase a Dominatrix were to register their car exclusively for off highway use, seeing that the vehicle's exhaust produced 130 decibels, which is equally as loud as a race car. Not only was that an issue, but the cars were known to be extremely sluggish on tarmac, due to their locked differentials and chunky all terrain tires.

Eventually, from input from many 'Stormers, Mash had ordered twenty Dominatrixes for MotorStorm usage.

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  • The Dominatrix is inspired by an off road modified 1932 Dodge coupe, albeit with extremely extensive modifications made to turn it into something known as a Pre-runner.
  • Autumn Zephyra is known to drive this car frequently in off road races. According to her, this vehicle fits her almost too perfectly.
  • The default price of a completely assembled Dominatrix is $80,000 dollars, while the unassembled version is only half the price.
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